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Here's some info to document the tables and maps that appear in the articles for Taiwanese counties:


County name
Name in Chinese
File:Taoyuan County emblem.gif
Taoyuan County emblem

Abbreviation: (Abbreviation goes here)

Capital(Capital city goes here)
Region (Region of Taiwan goes here)
County magistrate(County magistrate goes here)


Ranked ?

 - Total
 - % water

(Total area goes here) km²
(Percent water goes here)%


Ranked ?

 - Total (April 2004)
 - Density

(Total popl goes here)
(Popl density goes here)/km²

Cities: (# of cities goes here)
Townships:(# of townships goes here)
County flower:(County flower goes here)
County tree:(County tree goes here)
County bird:(County bird goes here)
File:Yunlin County location.jpg

The style of the infobox is a little different to differentiate it from other infoboxes and because I thought partitioning it up like this makes it easier to read, while removing extraneous information to keep it more compact.


Here is the PSD file for the map: File:Taiwan_map.jpg9-smaller-corrected-empty.psd. To create the maps for the individual counties a paintbucket tool was used to fill each county with light blue (#CCCCFF), with a tolerance of 40 and no anti-aliasing (It makes it harder to scale down the number of colors). Then I chose "Save for web" to save the map as PNG-8 with these settings: [1]. Light red (#FF5A91) was used to fill in the cities.


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