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Dann is a University professor of Environmental Science and Policy, and a Potomac River, International waters and Sustainability expert. He formerly served as a United Nations project manager for the Global Environment Facility's International Waters portfolio.

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A dinoflagellate that can form dense reddish-brown harmful algal blooms with toxins lethal to fish, according to the Bay Journal.

The Double Naughts[edit]

Concise history by year of the period (2000-2009), in the spirit of historian Martin Gilbert's A History of the Twentieth Century : The Concise Edition of the Acclaimed World History (ISBN 006050594X). Double naughts is a neologism joining double knots with 2-naught-naught (the first three digits of each of this decade's years), thus implying this decade exhibited more global angst (knots) than in the recent past (in notable contrast to 1990s' euphoria).